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First Bosnian Linux site


I've got my first Linux distribution on a CD that came with a computer magazine years ago. It was the Red Hat 5.0. After that I continued updating my software by downloading from sunsite.unc.edu, which was one of the greatest software repositories for Linux. 

Eventually, RedHat improved performance of their site, so RPM packages are easily available from ftp.redhat.com or from some other ftp site. 


There are couple of sites about Linux, created by people from Bosnia. This page should be one of them. Here are links to some of them: 



I wrote some texts about Linux. That was part of my efforts to organize Bosnian Linux Users Group, or alike. The texts were published in read.me webzine. 
I intend to put them here. Currently, all of them can be found at sites mentioned above (linux.bosnia.ba and linux.ba). 

  • automounteri is text on how to set up automounting options in Linux. Automounting is automatic mounting of varios filesystems (like cdroms, floppy disks, fat partitions etc.) WHEN NEEDED. Very interesting.
  • ...


Here are some Linux links that I use... 

Metalab - great site (ex. Sunsite). There's everything... software, documentation... 
tsx-11.MIT - should be second best, but I haven't been there a lot... 
Linux - Linux homepage? 
KDE - K Desktop Environment. Quite good. 
Star Division - Get Office for Linux. 
Red Hat - The site's very improved. The distribution too :) 
Linux Resources - Lots of texts 
Slashdot - News