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Solution Architect



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Development Manager


December 2009

Section A | Position Purpose

The role of the solution architect is to produce a workable solution design specification for an application development project that balances the best practices in architecture and frameworks with the real world constraints and limitations of the corporate landscape and business objectives.

The Solution Architect also provides an important function in the validation of business data architecture and business, functional and non-functional requirements. You will liaise with and diplomatically negotiate agreed technical solutions with senior IT managers, project managers, senior business analysts and senior developers.

The Solution Architect will make recommendations on policies for the production, review, quality control, delivery and maintenance of development project artefacts including source code management, technical design documentation, code reviews, SDLC governance, solution architecture specifications and many others.

Section B | Key Areas of Responsibility and Key Performance Indicators

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Section C | Experience and Qualifications

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Section D | Behaviours

Victoria Electricity takes pride in its culture of professionalism, commitment and energy. All employees are required to adhere to this set of values. Employees are required to adhere to this set of values at all times:

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Software Development Manager

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Section F | Dimensions of Role

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Section G | Authorities

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