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Some valuable links for Melbourne (from Greg):

Real-time temperatureBay winds Rain radar  ● Satellite viewWeather forecastPublic transport planner Real-time tram trackerTelly schedules

To start off, here is Melbourne page at Wikipedia. Neighbourhoods descriptions.

Victoria Postcodes (link)

Beautiful images. Melbourne photos.

Newspapers & Info - The Age

Newcomers Network - Melbourne, Australia. Some tips for singles.. :) There is a Yahoo group available.
Newcomers Network
We'll tell you where to go...helping people make the most of their new life in a new location


City guides: About Australia



Shared accommodation sites: RealEstateFlatmates MelExchangeShareHouse CrackerShare-Accommodation Domain

See current ads for 2-bedroom apartment around Melbourne on RealEstate.

Permanent stay:

Domain - see both short-term and long-term accommodation options. Rent

RealEstate - see rent prices and shared accommodation options. Buy, etc. Google Maps API integrated.

FlatMates - shared accommodation search.

Temporary stay:

Hostels - Pint on Punt from $20, Melbourne Connection - Claremont; Friendly Group(Free: 1/2 hour internet, luggage, breakfast); HotelBakPak (Free: pickup from the airport, internet, map, tours, etc.)

Nunnery, Fitzroy, dorm from $26 ($160 weekly).

Hostel lists: Hostel Melbourne (shows a lot of info), Only Melbourne, Hostelz


WiFi Hotspots (collected from forums):

WikiFree HotspotsWiFi Free SpotWiFi 411 (nada) • Free Hotspot

State Library, 328 Swanston Street - free wifi access to browsing. Free registration required first.

Joe's Garage, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (a cafe, so buy a drink and they're happy)

Food Inc, Menzies Alley in Melbourne Central, Elizabeth Street entrance (also a cafe)


Melbourne Photos  •


Driving license - VicRoads

Public transport: Metlink Melbourne - city transport, MetLink maps, ticket prices.

City - International Airport

Using public transport from Melbourne city to Tullamarine International airport... Use train, Craigieburn line, to get to Essendon. At Essendon train station switch from train to bus, line 478, since the airport station is serviced by buses only.

This route has resulted from the following tip from Lonely Planet:

"Use Sunday Saver card on Sundays for transport. Meals at RSL (Returned & Services League).
Use train to get to the city. From airport, use bus no.500 (30-40min) to Broadmeadows train station. From there take a regular train to the city.(You could also take buses 478 or 479 to Moonee Ponds train station and take the train from there). - [the actual cost difference is $15.00 for Skybus vs. $3.20 for Metlink 2 hours ticket]"


Read about Melbourne climate here. Check ocean temperatures in Australia at living in Australia web site. A nice month-by-month description of the Melbourne weather can be read at MelbourneAustralia site.

Melbourne water levels available at Melbourne Water web site.