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This page used to contain some archaic material but with the progress of the Web, it is getting some content...

Check the links to the left . You can find various lists of service providers for many, so called, Web 2.0 services. As free web space was popular in the 90's today we have sites hosting videos, photos, e-mail, blogs, and possibly other types of media.

If you want to see my other personal web content, see this page.

The original idea was to have some links to interesting and/or useful websites. One of the first hosting sites I used, after Geocities, was Crosswinds.net. For some reason I keep the info page crosswinds.html. Those free hosting services were not what I needed at the time so I settled with my friends at



Greeting Cards

One of the best sites for e-cards is Care2.

Online Games

Dark Warriors



Photo Sharing Sites

Photo-sharing sites - I have done a comparison of photo sharing sites to compare some common characteristics.

Video Sites

VidiLife, YouTube, Google Video,

Media Hosting

Media hosting sites offer web server space for all kind of media.

MediaMax (ex.Streamload), esnips


Web Trackers


This web site's tracker at StatCounter.

Web to FTP

Net2FTP - SmoothFTP


Yahoo - Google -


Yahoo - Google - MSN

Web Hosting


Useful tools

PageCounter ● GAnalytics, WebMaster's Tools

Music Online

Smash Hits USA