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These pages are devoted to web development. Many of the articles are posted on my IT blog and here I will group and link to related articles.

Google Apps and Web Toolkit, Java and JavaScript

Google Apps offers free hosting for Java web applications. Google Web Toolkit is JavaScript toolkit for client-side browser applications. The development is done in Java, with Eclipse for example, and then compiled to JavaScript.


2009-04-15: Using Google Web Toolkit for client-side development.

2006-10-23; Infragistics added Ajax into their ASP.Net controls. Haven't installed or tried them yet.

2006-08-15, Just read an article about Anthem.Net Ajax framework. I had a link to it but I have no idea why I never tried it. I ran the examples web site that comes with (a very small) package and it looks and works great. I'm quite happy to use it. Requires zero configuration and works flawlessly.

2006-08-03, I briefly tried a couple of Ajax frameworks - Atlas, MagicAjax, ComfortASP.Net, obout.

By far the easiest is MagicAjax. ComfortASP.Net has some issues with Firefox as I can not even browse the creator's web site. Atlas is cumbersome to set up. No doubt all of these have many options but I simply do not need those. I need a simple ajax panel, button that clicks and something is updated within that panel.

Obout requires manual handling of events and java script, which does not fit into my definition of Rapid Application Development :).

VPN Settings

PPTP ports:
1723 - tunnel maintenance
47 - data
L2TP ports:
500 - Internet Key Exchange
50 - IPSec



2006-10-12, Downloaded two free IDEs for php in order to create a hit counter - PHP Designer 2007 and Maguma Studio.


An element (tag) can belong to one or more CSS classes. For example: <p class="class1 class2"></p>.

Microsoft's Web Designer now does things according to CSS2 Reference.

Server-Side Includes

To include another file (url) into an existing html page use the following directive. It does not always work.

<!--#include virtual="index.html" -->

With PHP it would look like paragraph below. Of course, the page containing this directive would have to have a .php extension to be processed.

<?php include("filename.html"); ?>

Server-Side JavaScript

AppJet (link)


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