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Here is the list of the software I use. This is for reference and should include the homepage or download link.

Name Version Updated Category Updates
AOL Active Virus Shield   antivirus  
Comodo Personal Firewall 2006-10-18 desktop firewall  
Free Download Manager 2.1 2006-12-06 download manager  
foobar2000 0.9.4 2006-10-10 audio player betas
Gaim 2.0.0 beta 5 2006-11-12 IM client  
Gimp 2.2.13 2006-10 image editor stable
GoogleTalk 2006-10-26 IM, mail check, net phone  
Hamachi 2006-12-05 VPN  
IrfanView 3.99 2006-11-19 image viewer download
KeePass 1.06 2006-10-16 password manager  
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 2006-10-24 web browser  
Mozilla Thunderbird   email client  
3.9 2007-01-21 text editor  
Open Office 2.0.4 2006-10-16 office suite  
Paint.Net 3.0 alpha 2 2006-10-30 photo editor  
Picasa 2.5 Build 32.97 2006-11-15 image viewer / albums  
Poppy for Windows 5.6.1 2006-03-29 pop3 checker  

SlickRun beta   application launcher updates
SysInternals utilities     system utilities  
TaskSwitcherXP 2.0.11 2006-11-22 Alt-Tab replacement download
ToDoList 5.0 Beta 7 2006-10-30 ToDo list, outliner  
Total Commander 7.0 Beta 2 2006-11-22 Swiss knife :) dl, plugins
Unison File Synchronizer     file/folder synchronization  
WinDirStat   disk usage analysis  
Windows Desktop Search 3.0 2006-10-25 desktop search Forum

and here are the development tools

Name Version Updated Category Updates
.Net Framework 3.0 2006-11-08    
EasyObjects.Net 2.0 CTP 2006-08-29 DL/BL generator  
Microsoft Enterprise Library        
NUnitForms a4 2006-10   downloads
WinMerge       downloads


The software I was using and might revert back to again sometimes (moved from the upper tables):

Name     Category Updates
Copernic Desktop Search 2.01 2006-10-25 desktop search download
FlashGet 1.8 beta 2 2006-12-05 download manager download



text editor

XMPlay     audio player support site
Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall 4.3.248   desktop firewall updates
Google Desktop Search 5.0.611.13328 2006-11-15 desktop search  
Kaspersky AntiVirus   antivirus updates
Development tools:        

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