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Importing Security Prices to Quicken

(original article)

ASCII CSV file should contain three columns: Security Symbol, Price, Date in one of the following formats

  • dd/mm/yyyy
  • dd/mm/yy
  • ddmmyyyy or
  • ddmmyy.
  • Don't keep any rows which are blank, headings or don't contain any price data. No header row should be in the file, only data.

    In case all the data is for the same date, the date column can be omitted. The date can be specified for the whole file during the Import procedure. The date fields in the file override any specific date when importing.

    Then, in Quicken, go to Portfolio. Select File->Import->Import Security Prices.


    Save html file from sase.ba. Open in FrontPage. Copy the data column by column into a new Excel file. Delete headers. Copy data from Redovni Emitenti and Fondovi. Add date column to all records.

    Save as CSV file. Import in Quicken.

    Files are here: Source html, CSV file