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Qtek S100 Bluetooth Synchronization

Read how to set up Bluetooth drivers.

After installations of the drivers, pair the device. In PPC go to Settings -> Bluetooth Settings. Click Start, then run ActiveSync and connect to the PC via Bluetooth. It will ask you to pair the device by allowing connections and assigning PIN code.

(In PPC ActiveSync go to Options - set Bluetooth as the sync mobile connection.) ?

In PC allow connections on a Bluetooth port (COM4).


See ActiveSync help file, search for "Bluetooth" in index.

In Bluetooth software (tray icon) go to Advanced Configuration. Tab Local Services contains list of local services offered. See Port number for Bluetooth Serial Port or, if it does not exist, create new serial service and assign a port (COM 4 for example).

Open Active Sync, Connection Settings, and enable connections to the assigned port.

Enable Bluetooth on PC and pocket device, then start Active Sync and connect via Bluetooth.


Run the BTTray.exe (lnk) to be able to use Bluetooth on PC.