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Database = IBObjects, UIB
Encryption = tcpLockBox
Jedi libraries
Network = Indy
Encrypted data access = ZBD


Tree View = Virtual Treeview
Unicode = TntUnicodeControls

This is my Delphi page, devoted to this excellent development tool.

In the box to the right, I will list what I find to be the best tools for certain purposes.

(25. Sep 2004) I wrote some instructions and notes on usage of Virtual Treeview. This component expects a change of perspective so it takes some time to get used to the way it works. There are some events that you have to set in order for the component to behave the way one would expect from a treeview.
The recommendation is to tie the tree nodes to the elements of an already existing structure. After some time trying to use the linking classes, finally I tied the tree nodes directly to xml nodes and avoided the linking classes completely. Now, the tree nodes are directly linked to xml nodes which, in turn, store all the data.