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Embedded databases: SQLite, Firebird, SQL Everywhere (former SQL Mobile).

2006-10-22, Installed CTP of SQL Everywhere (2005). It offers encryption of the db, can be manipulated with SQL Management tools and Visual Studio, has small footprint (a couple of .Net dlls) and supports Unicode. It is pretty fast with small databases and supports standard Ado.Net operations.


SQLite offers a replacement for desktop databases, offering SQL command compatibility. It does not yet support ALTER TABLE command, so a workaround is needed. Create temporary table and move data back and forth. Pay attention not to pass NULL values, as I was not able to do updates after that. If I pass '' (empty string), everything works fine.


SQLite (www.sqlite.org):

to create a database: sqlite3 database.db
then create a table.

SQLite Explorer can import data and schema from Access table.