This page contains material related to Solutions Architecture (or Software Architecture).

Some common concepts in project management and systems design:

Triangle => Time - Quality - Resources (cost)

This concept comes under different names - Project Management Triangle, for example. And there are different names for elements but it all comes to the same concept. To reach a goal, one can pick the two elements at the expense of the third, namely - Time, Quality, Resources.


Architecture contains some building blocks or conceptual elements. These are called patterns. Martin Fowler and Gang of Four wrote the most significant books on the topic up to date.

Architecture Frameworks

A Comparison of the Top Four Enterprise-Architecture Methodologies - link (MSDN).


Solutions Architecture

Article at Wikipedia (link) introduces the concept. Solutions Architecture community contains articles on the topic.

Project Management

Project management resources are currently contained on this page. When more material is available this will move to a page on its own.

When breaking down the project tasks a good rule of thumb is to break down tasks that are longer than 2 days. Break them into smaller sub-tasks until their length is up to 2 days.

Project management page on Wikipedia.