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Here are all the countries I have analyzed for immigration options...

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Useful info can be found on newsgroups, for example misc.immi.australia+nz.

My timeline for Australian Permanent Residency Visa. There is also a local copy below, on this page.




On September 25, 2004, my Australian Computer Society assessment arrived in the mail. It states that I have satisfied the requirements of the ACS PIM 2, Group A.
In order to send a valid General Skilled Independent visa application the following is needed:

Additional requirements include

The application is to be sent to:

Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre
Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs
GPO Box 1638
Adelaide SA 5001

The costs additionally include medicals, police clearance, and translation of documents.

application • booklet • assessment authoritiescosts points test

Points test:

Skill 60
Age 30
English language ability 20
Specific work experience 10
Occupation in demand/job offer 0
Australian qualifications 0
Regional Australia 0
Spouse skills 0
Bonus points (5)
Total for Skilled Independent 120

The documents to be sent are certified copies in local language + certified English translations.

136 Visa timeline:

ACS Assessment

2004-07-19 ACS assessment documents sent (2231-79).
2004-08-04 Received acknowledgement by email.
2004-08-11 Credit card charged.
2004-09-02 ACS assessment completed.
2004-09-25 ACS assessment received (2231-19).

Skilled Independent 136 Visa

2004-11-02 Sent off the application.
2004-11-15 DIMIA received the application.
2004-11-17 DIMIA charged the credit card.
2005-01-04 First e-mail from the case officer.
2005-09-06 Visas granted.
2005-09-09 Visas stamped in Belgrade Embassy.

And after all that see the images from my visit to Australia.

Of great help were all the people chatting at BritishExpats forums/newsgroups.

*Animated flags of countries can be found on Flag Animations site.

Czech Republic

2006-11-14: I heard the ad on the radio. Czech Republic enlisted Bosnia as one of the countries they accept legal immigrants from. On the page of Czech Embassy in Sarajevo there are details on the programme and some links to job sites. Bosnian job sites contain job ads posted by agencies from CR and additional can be found on other Czech job sites, like jobs.cz. Wikipedia contains details on how to earn the citizenship but people in forums say it's quite difficult.


Göteborg (Gothenburg) - Article on Wikipedia.