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2008-06-22, I've been using Flickr for quite a while now and am more than happy with it for my imaging needs. I developed a desktop application that uses Flickr API to upload photos and create links to them so that I can maintain albums as separate pages.

2006-10-04, Since there are many photo sharing sites available I keep getting into the ones I've already tried in the past. So, it's time to write down the pros and cons of those I've used.

  Albums/Tags auto resize capacity transfer max. photo size Formats Account
AOL         800x600    
Care2 Yes/Yes Yes unlimited unlimited 640x480   45 days
esnips     1GB        
Flickr No/3 Yes unlimited 100MB a month 1200   ?
MSN Spaces         320x200    
MySpace         640x480    
PicasaWeb Yes No 250MB unlimited? unlimited?    
Photobucket Yes/? No     1024px or 1MB    
PrimeImg     50MB 500MB 1300KB    
Slibe Yes(folders)/Yes Yes unlimited? ? ? (gif) unlimited
Yahoo! Yes No     1024    
Zooomr No/? Yes unlimited? 50MB a month 1024    
Zorpia         640x480    
Zoto             yes, (?)

My images are scattered throughout these sites until I find a good one to store all my photos.