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These are some images from travels around the world. There are interesting places in the country and the images of them are worth placing online to be seen. You can browse my albums below.

Photos from 2010 are stored an Alen's Photos web site.






Fantast, Becej


Dubrovnik, New Year's 2001

old images




first digital images







New Year's 2005, Bjelašnica2005-02-19 Gomez Farewell2005-07-03 Kravice2005-09-04 IdbarAustralia 2005


2006-05 Crna Gora 2006-07 Summer Holidays 2006-09 Rose, Diving
2006-11-11 Skakavac 2006-11-18 Paljenik 2006-12-03 Konavle
2006-12-09 Vlašić 2006-12-16 Barice-Bukovik 2006-12-22 Igman
2006-12-31 Dejčići, Bjelašnica    


2007-03-18 Vitovlje, Vlaš 2007-04-01 Barice 2007-04-14 Cavtat
2007-04-21 Igman 2007-04-22 Stojcevac 2007-04-27 Varazdin, Slovenia, Venice
2007-05-25 Konavle 2007-05-31 Vrelo Bosne 2007-06-02 Zenica, Visoko
2007-06-09 Ziri 2007-06-16 Zenica 2007-06-23 Mljet
2007-07-07 Brac 2007-07-15 Exit, Novi Sad 2007-10-26 Vlasic
2007-11-03 Bobovac Kensington apartment 2007-11-08 Mojmilo
2007-11-27 Winter dawn, Vlasic 2007-12-01 Konavle  


2008-01-19 Novi Sad 2008-01-29, Trip to Melbourne 2008-02-04, Ride to Albert Park
2008-02-08 Carlton Gardens 2008-02, St.Kilda Festival 2008-02-17 Albert Park
2008-02-24 Williamstown 2008-03-01 Epping, Yarra Bend 2008-03-12, Mt.Dandenong, Beach, Moomba Festival
2008-03-21 Yarra 2008-03-24 Sandringham, City 2008-03-30 Frankston
2008-04-13 Altona; baloons 2008-07-14 Botanical Gardens 2008-07-22 East Melbourne
2008-10-05 Lillydale 2008-10-26 Great Ocean Road 2008-11-09 Williamstown
2008-11-16 St.Kilda 2008-11-17 Go Kart 2008-11-23 Healesville Sanctuary
2008-12-06 Melbourne    


2009-03-15 Avalon Air Show 2009-08-27 Royal Botanical Gardens 2009-10-24 Otway
2009-11-12 Indonesia 2009-12-24 Bali  


Check my photos at photo sharing sites...

2006-10-04: I decided to keep a comparison of photo sharing sites.

2006-08-09: There are useful reviews of photo sharing sites online.

2006-06-23, Invited to create albums on PicasaWeb. Link to create a Flickr badge.

2006-06-02: I have created an account at Flickr to post the latest images instead of uploading them directly to this site. Click the following badge to open my photos at Flickr. The nice part is that you can select the size of the image to see, including the original large size. For a slow link, select one of the smaller sizes.
The best thing is that there is no more mess with resizing images and adjusting for the web, thumbnail generation, etc.
The link badge is near the bottom of the page. You can also open direct Flickr links here or here. To see the images in chronological order go to Archives and select the time period in which the images were taken.

On December 20, 2003 I bought a Fuji A310 digital camera. Here are some images taken with it...

Click to see a separate page with thumbnails.

Here is an excellent manual on digital photography from Olympus. Thanks to SPQR for posting it to bih.rec.photo.binaries.

If you haven't, you may want to try Picasa as an image organizer and viewer.

Flickr photo album tutorial - from A to Z

Copy the images from camera into the appropriate folder (album). Optionally, add geo-tags with Google Earth prior to upload. Then upload photos to Flickr using one of the tools available (basic uploader, FireFox plugins, ...). You can use tag for album name. Then open the tag page and use that URL as the album page.
In 2008 I created a software that does all the uploading and URL processing.


Una Photography site (link).